Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Falafelling flat on your face

I've eaten a vegetarian lifestyle at times, some of it was at the urging of my partner at the time. The rest of it? I think I just wanted to try it, I even ended up having a vegetarian Thanksgiving that year. There's one recipe that I picked up from that time that's stuck with me.

It's something that I hadn't actually had before I ended up making it for myself: Falafel. That link points to the recipe I double-check every time I make them, so it's really not worth repeating it here. The big thing is, though?

I rarely follow that to the letter. I follow it down to the cumin, and after that I'm off to the races, throwing in something that I feel like will enhance the taste, plus usually some Turmeric. I don't have a defined way of making it, because I've done it differently every time I've made it.

To me, this is something of a special dish, because it takes me so many days to cook. The first day, I have to soak the chickpeas, at least overnight. The second day, I'm pulling out the food processor and mixing together the ingredients. And then putting the bowl of the finished mixture into the fridge and covered, at least overnight.

I have once tried to make falafel from a bagged mixture. It was a hideous failure, falling apart as it fried. But letting the mixture rest in the fridge? It helps to make the ground beans stick together through the frying oil and make a perfect little ball. I tend to shape them with my hands, aiming for spheres about the size of walnuts.

I will now give everyone reading a few moments to finish laughing at all of the innuendo that it was hard to avoid in that last paragraph.

We good?

I tend to make these for parties, a solid finger food that is more healthy than just chips.

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