Monday, October 17, 2016

Another Face

It's time for another item from the "Bare your Soul"-hit list.

"If you had to be someone else for twenty four hours, who would it be and why?"

This is another one of those questions that is difficult to answer; and not just because I only now realized it was "Had to" and not "Could." That really changes the calculations, because I'm not sure there's anybody I'd like to trade with for twenty four hours.

Maybe it's because it's not enough time; the part of me that wants to change the world knows that change is slow enough that you couldn't build a new Rome in a day. It would take years of work in addition to being the person in the right position.

And trying to figure out a way to shift your "true" self a boatload of cash, enough to ease burdens? A fine idea, but how do you make sure it sticks? If you can, then it doesn't matter who, just pick a random Billionaire and shift enough to cancel all debts and cover the taxed such a move would bring.

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