Wednesday, November 1, 2017

NaNoWriMo, take... Who knows at this point?

So it's the start of November, and once again National Novel Writing Month is upon us.

I've attempted the sprint that is asked for in this before. And I'm doing so again. This time I'm playing with an idea that's been percolating in my head for a while.

"What if Aladdin of the Lamp didn't use magic to short-cut?"

Because, no matter where you look, the original myth or the mouse's, he lies and deceives to get what he wants. That's more than a little skeevy if you think about it. That doesn't seem the behavior of a "Diamond in the Rough." That's a con-man. Which there are plenty of interesting stories about con-men, though the best ones are usually where they end up being too invested in the person they're trying to be that they change. But Aladdin can't exactly do that. His lie is too outside of how and what he can be.

What if he asks for a chance? Not "Make me royal." but "Let me prove I'm worthy." So the idea's been filed in my head under the working title of Proving Worth. And I'm going to try and sprint through it this November. In that, I'll be going back to what I did when I first started blogging: daily words counts.

And if people are watching, I might end up posting the first draft as I go. But no promises.

And the first day's result? 1,286 words. It's not quite the 1.7k I'll need daily to make it across the finish line, but I managed to slip into the story without fighting the Blank Page for too long.

Let's see what tomorrow brings, shall we?

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