Thursday, July 13, 2017

Wandering the Streets, in Search of Art and Chicken

I'm kind of dreading writing this post, because I feel like I haven't been that productive.

Actually, I haven't been. Haven't written since the last time I put one of these posts together. I think some of it is I've been trying to step out of a routine that I'd trained into my head for two years while I was trying to get back on track.

It was not a great recipe for success. So I'm back to my favorite coffee shop, a cold-brew cup in front of me while I look at the past week to remind myself about the non-writer aspects of my life.

That has been a bit more fun.

Friday night was spent at a dance party held by an event venue just down the street from me. It was a really neat event, a Silent Disco. You get a pair of headphones, with three channels of audio, and listen to what you like. It's held at the roof-top penthouse of an old bank. The building has this wonderful wrap-around terrace, though I probably like it a bit better in theory than reality. I've always had this weird relationship with heights, not quite acrophobia but still something that worms into my head.

After spending about ten minutes out there, I had to retreat into the penthouse to sit and listen to the music and chill. After I relaxed, I enjoyed my night. It's an interesting event, you can see what people are listening to based on the color of their headsets, and it can start a chain reaction. Especially when a song that has the potential to grab the room comes on one of the channels. Vincent Price and Michael Jackson took almost the entire disco with Thriller.

Saturday was Festival Day, and this past week was the Cornhill Arts Festival. Cornhill is one of the historic neighborhoods in Rochester, and the entire neighborhood is lined with artists and craft booths. It's an event that has two primary purposes for my girlfriend to hit each year: a pilgrimage to visit her favorite local artist and the Baptist church's food stall, which does this amazing African Pepper Chicken. I can heartily endorse both the artist and the food. We both ended up picking up a couple of pieces, and I now have a piece of actual artwork for my wall, not just a series of prints that I like.

Also ended up picking up a jar of peanut butter from the Saratoga Peanut Butter Company. They had this blend called Adirondack Jack, which I've been using in my lunch smoothies this week. It's a nice addition, a blend of almond, peanut, cranberries... it's described as trail mix in a jar, and that's not a bad description.

Last minor note is I ended up with a rather strange accomplishment on the 11th: I bought nothing on Prime Day. Last year I had picked up an assortment of things (none of which I regret, mind you), but this year nothing really cried out to me.

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