Friday, July 21, 2017

Rained Out Reflections

One big thing this past weekend, a movie in the park. And it starts raining just as the movie's about to kick up, and we have to get going. How it goes sometimes.

Saturday was interesting. A print shop I used to work at six years ago had closed down shortly after I'd moved on to my current job, and the building had been sold. I'd seen that they were renovating the building, but hadn't been inside since they completed it. Finally made the time for it this weekend with a short ride down there, since one of the bike shops had relocated into the building.

It was a strange experience. A large part of me still remembers the layout of the way the building used to be, and it looks nothing like it used to inside. A stripped-down utilitarianism that had dominated when it was a print shop had been replaced with the exposed brick-work industrial, along with new windows. The building was old and has those large windows you see on old factories, the ones that are often boarded up, even if the place is in use. I can understand it, the use it's being put towards has little need for the glass. It's now a series of offices aside from the bike shop, which is an utterly strange combination.

I'd mostly stopped to rubberneck on my way to my primary destination, a frame shop. I've had a print of the Reckless Magus cover that I'd been meaning to get framed for a while, and this was an excuse to finally go out and do it. Was nice talking to the gentleman who owned the shop, and by the end of the month, I'll have a framed canvas print of Abe up on my wall.

In terms of writing, this week has been more productive; I've actually given myself back to the rituals of the written word, and am once again the long-haired hipster sitting in the corner of the coffee shop hammering away at his laptop. It feels good to be productive again.

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