Friday, September 1, 2017

An August Retrospective

So, it turns out that if I have a writing class that runs the same day I tend to write these weekly updates, it throws my whole schedule for writing them wildly out of whack.

Something to think about and fix in the future.

A whole month. Guess the best I can do is hit one of the things that stuck with me.

I visited a place that has escaped my radar for too many years, given how long I've lived in Rochester. Artisanworks is an art gallery tucked away just down the street from the printing company I worked at before I moved to my current job. It's a wonderful and crazy mix of art that takes you away. I went there during a slow Sunday, and was the only person there for about the first half-hour or so of my walkthrough. There's a certain kind of creepy that comes from being in a place like that without other people milling around, the glass eyes of the stuffed animals looking like they're watching you.
The space isn't brightly lit, and there's a not-quite shadowy feel to the place when you walk through alone. The creativity on display was amazing, from the wooden table and room that was an homage to Frank Llyod Wright to the camera made from a Tibetan Monk's skull.

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