Thursday, March 16, 2017

How quickly things explode

Or: A counterpoint to the post exactly before this one.

Sometimes life just throws itself at you with only giving you a little bit of warning. The last month+? I had a spot of warning; I knew that my girlfriend was going to go through major, life-saving surgery. I didn't fully expect all the curveballs that got thrown at me that same week.

Three days before her surgery, I get fired from my job, the one I had just started to feel like I was falling into a rhythm with. It sucked, and it's still a blow to the ego, one mitigated by how awesome the people I'd worked with for almost five years before that point are. I'd gone, hat in literal hand (I fidget) to ask for my old job back, and I'd gotten my old job back, starting beginning of next week.

I look at the transit card that I'd purchased that expired on that same weekend with a certain amount of interesting pattern-making. Hadn't expected to be carrying that fortune cookie in my wallet...

And the past month has been getting settled back into my old job and being the best boyfriend I can be for an amazing woman. But it's taken me some time to start figuring out how to slice up time for myself again.

And so, staring at a page that I cannot feel any kind of connection to, I pull up my blog and decide to hammer out this post. I need to get back into the writing process, both in terms of this blog and my stories. I hope this is the start of it.

Because among other reasons, I'm hoping that I'll be able to announce something on here soon.

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